Everything You Need to Know About Investing


Investment can be straightforward. You can jump as shallow or profound as you need in the speculation information pool. There are instruments and assets to enable you to settle on choices and to make your money related life simpler.


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Blockchain To Prevent Another Economic Crash?

Like any other system, the global economy is susceptible to failure at many different points. Unfortunately, due to the interconnectedness of the world, an economic crisis in one country could have disastrous consequences for other countries. This was the case during the United States economic crisis of 2008 in which the stock market crashed.

Economic collapse on any scale usually read more

How Videos Aid For Better Learning For Healthcare Providers

By Sarah Pritzker

With a growing interest in technology sneaking into every area of our lives, it was only a matter of time before tech started showing up in our educational systems too. Today, schools everywhere are using technology to greatly enhance the learning experience and quality of their students and staff, and few fields might benefit from this practice more than the read more

Insurance News March 2019

Insurance agencies organic growth continues, despite the fact that profitability fell

According to latest research by Reagan Consulting agencies surveyed a 6.1 percent growth and their porjected growth in 2019 is by 7 percent. Growth in 2018 was majorly driven by higher US GDP and commercial pricing. There were about 200 midsize and large agencies firms and brokers included in the study. In relation to profit, ernings before interests, taxes and amrtization were read more

P2P Cryptocurrency Lending Surges in China


The emergence of peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency lending platforms in China has swiftly increased over the years. This is happening at a time when the nation is stuck in the middle of the latest liquidity crunch. The digital foreign currency markets are also seeing a long bearish period that has driven people to embrace P2P lending as a solution.

In 2007, PPDAI Group, China’s read more

A Tax Audit Success Story & Tips from Our Top Audit Experts

A Tax Audit Success Story & Tips from Our Top Audit Experts

A story of how a single individual maintained her cool and came away with an IRS tax audit.
Let’s just call her Eleanor. Eleanor as of late got a legitimate-sized envelope from the IRS, disclosing to her that she and her significant other were being examined. Like some other red-blooded American, she froze. read more

Tax Audits: What You Need to Know

Paying taxes is a necessary yet rather confusing aspect of life. Just when you thought you were diligent enough with your previous returns, it comes back to haunt you in a form of an IRS letter regarding a tax audit. Now before you go into full panic mode, let’s discuss why some individuals get their taxes audited and how you can deal with it when it happens.

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Insurance News January 2019

AMWins Group Launches New Product

AMWins Group speciality insurance provider has partnered with AXIS Group, launching a new solution against social engineering fraud. Social Engineering Fraud or shorter SEF is a fraud in which a party is deceived to give away CC data or bank account number. Losses covered under the policy of new solution product are when the person gets fraudulent read more