5 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Although you cant do much against natural disasters as huricanes, floods and earthquakes, there are plenty things you can do to keep your home safe from fire. There are plenty of home insurers who offer safety advice for your home when you are in the process of insuring it.

1. Check that all your fire alarms are working properly. Test your fire and CO Gas alarms especialy check the batteries if they are still working. With proper alerting when a fire disaster comes, you could actually reduce the damage. Fire is not just deadly, but the fire and lightening damage claims were the most expensive among claims in 2018,

2. Install an automatic water shut system. This is one of the main causes of floods in homes, the overstack of water simply can not drain quick enough, causing the flat or a house to be flooded. Floods and water restoration solutions can be costly and usually reach thousands of dollars. Those claims are the second most expensive.

3.Check the roof from time to time. The roof is the cover of the house, so it should be maintained properly. When we forget about it, there could occure damages which could cause roof leaking. This could result in wet walls, damaged furniture, damaged wooden constructions and could bring unnecessary expenses. Usually the re-roofing should be made every 20 – 30 years,

4.Check for future risks. Check your property and house and evaluate the future risks. to avoid. Have an eye toward safety and look for the things which may be dangerous.

5.Install safety security cameras and prevent hackers to gain access to your home. Check firewall regularly and maintain the security systems. Update your software regularly.

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