5 Things Your Travel Insurance Should Cover

1.The ability to cancel for any reason

This option tipically comes with extra cost, but its an essential case your travel insurance should cover. The insurance covers refunded trip costs if the travel is cancelled at least 48 hours before departure. You should get this type of insurance within 7 to 21 days after paying the first deposit for a trip. Look into extended coverage if you are worried about your plans could change.



2.Trip cancellation

In the case of illness or being over-occupied with work, any of those can be the reason to cancel your trip, so that is an important thing to consider with travel insurance. This can cover cancellation of flight or hotel booking. Most cancelation policies will cover the most improtant reasons for cancelling the trip as death or illness in the family, airline going out of business, terorist attack, natural disaster and few others. The best thing is to call travel insurance company and ask them more specific about the reasons of cancelation which are covered by the policy.



3.Medical and health Coverage

If you get injured or ill during the travel, medical coverage on the travel is the best choice. This insurance include seeing the doctor on travel or staying in the hospital and covering the costs of medicine. Its improtant to consider medical insurance on travel, since the national health insurance will not cover health related costs abroad. Those expenses could run into several hundreds or thousands of dollars. One more thing to consider is emergency evacuation, while its most likely you will not need the service to be airlifted out of the country, this costs when such service is needed are devastating and could ruin you financially.



4. Baggage delays or lost baggage

Bags delayed for 24 hours or more, could cause additional costs, since you have to purchase the items you need to replace the items which are delayed. This type of insurance covers the cost of the items you buy on the ground if your baggage is delayed for 24 hours or more. Those costs could sum up to hundreds of dollars for a whole family, so its important to consider to add this type of insurance in your insurance policy. On the other hand if bags are lost, normally an airline company offersa certain amount of coverage.



5. 24-7 global assistance

Majority of people are not aware for this type of insurance and coverage with 24 hour assistance. If you are travelling to a country you dont know the language or customs, a specialist or translator can be a very helpful. The exact services for 24 hour global assistance will vary, depending on your insurance company, but those services include language translation, legal help and medical issues to locating lost property and replacing prescription drugs.

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