Simple Guide to Pet Insurance

Dogs, Cats and parrots are often considered as family members, that explains why Americans have spent almost 1 Billion USD on pet insurance alone and over 2.1 million pets are insured in the States. The pet insurance rose by 17% in 2017 and is supposed to grow also in the upcoming years. If you are considering pet insurance, these are the factors, expert suggest to consider.



Average illness and accident premium for dogs in 2017 was $535 a year; for cats, the average premium was $335.19 a year accroding to North American Pet Health Insurance Association. The biggest Pet insurance companies to choose from are: Embrace pet insurance, AKC pet insurance, Pets Best, Healthy Paws… You should carefully check what is included in insurance policy and what isnt. For instance some development illnesses are not covered by insurance, nor are the supplements and if your pet gets a disease which could be prevented by a vaccine, the treatment is also not covered by insurance claim. So carefully go through different plans to discover what is covered by pet isnuarnce and what isnt, as with any health insurance plan for humans. Depending on your plan, insurance will cover 70 – 90% of your vet bill. Most policies cover illness or accidents and not the preventive care, there are some exceptions, but thats a trend, according to Gary Richter a veterinarian from California, US.



Anyway owing a pet insurance policy is a smart move, since vet bills can be expensive and could reach up to thousands of dollars, insurance is the only gamble in life, you hope to lose.
Important is to get pet insurance as early as possible, since insurance plans will not cover pre-existing conditions.You can also dramatically lower the cost of insurance if you adopt a dog from a shelter, rather than buying a pedigree dog from a breeder, the reason is pedigree dogs come from a very narrow genetic pool and are prone to genetic disorders and several illnesses.
If you forgot about pet insurance, simply put aside some extra money savings each month for your pet well being, so whenever you need pet care, you have funds ready for vet bills.

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