Insurance News November 2018

Lieberty Mutual Group (property and casuality insurance broker) announced a new model for its insurance operator (global risk solution).They have roganized the US state operations to six georaphic regions, each of them will be managed by regional executive. Each of six regions will have regional executive who will manage oversea broker relations. The new 6 regional executives are:



David Russo, Mid Atlantic regional executive
Chris Johnston, Midwest regional executive
Ron Gleason, South Central regional executive
Amy Lochhead, Southeast regional executive
Adam Witten, Western regional executive
Bob Thomas, Northeast regional executive



This structure will provide better coordination of brokers and will provide to distribution partners to fully access Liberty more easily, thus creating more opportunities to work together in a multiline way.
Liberty Group has also appointed Ben Johnson as wholesale distribution executive with the task of optimizing the relations in North America.



Tower Hill expands Midwest presence

Tower Hill opened a new office in Missouri. The insurer offers homeoners dwelling fire, condominium products and manufactured housing. Tower Hills also offer specific services as rental homes and rental properties. Along with the new office in Missouri Tower Hill operates in Midwest in five states: Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Missouri. In recent statement the company also plans more expansions in 2019. Tower Hill provides property insurance and coverage options that are not widely available,



Worldwide Facilities with new healthcare broker

Worldwide insurer has announced new healthcare broker – Angela Davis. Prior to this position Angela Davis served as vice president Hiscox USA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in risk management and insurance. Before her Hiscox career Davis served as assistant vice president of healthcare at Ironshore.

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