Insurance News December 2018

According to Aon study public transit systems are seeing a increase in liability claims, although ridership declines. Aons study reported that liability claims are rising by 1 percent annual. Overall public transit liability loss rates are as high as 3 percent the study reports. The average claim for 2018 was just below 15.000 USD per accident, the forecasted 2018 accident year loss rate for rail and bus operations stands at 50 USD per 1000 riders. Bus and rail operators are seeing different results in accident claims when the statistics are broken apart.

The claims frequency rates for bus riding is raisng approximately 1.5 percent per year and declining for rail operations by 0.5 percent per year.

For bus operations the frequency claims rate is much higher than for rail operations.

For 2018 prognosed accident year loss rate is at 68 USD per 1000 riders, but only just above 20 USD for rail.

Claims severity for buses is growing at about 2 percent per year and the claims severity for rail increases by 5.5 percent per year.

Loss rate for rail is increasing 5 percent annualy for rail operations, the rate for buses is at 2 percent annualy.

Automobile accident account almost 70%, 92% are vehicle on vehicle accidents. Almost 43 percent of the claims outside the automobile accidents are the passangers falling, with nearly 21 percent of accidents coming from entry or exit.

Beazley has announced that it will pay almost 40 million for California fire. The massive fire burnt almost 240 square miles and more than 50,000 people were facing the evacuation, The Independent reports. Thosands of homes were destryed and doyens of people were killed in this catastrophy.
The Independent reported earlier this year that Beazley paid almost 240 million for huricane claims in New Mexico.

Citizens Property Insurance in Florida hopes to settle 6500 open cases in Huricane Irma lawsuits.
Jay Adams – Citizens chief claims officer said that the company is offering to pay to have appraisers review the disputes and seek resolutions. In case those apraisers can not agree , the state run isnurer is willing to pay for the umpires to make decisions. Citizens hopes that it could reach settlement in approximately half of the 6500 cases which are currently in court, so far only 60 cases reached settlement.

Acrh insurance closes the deal of NY based risk assessment and management company. Arche Capital Group has announced recently that it has acquired risk management, assessment and insurance program firm Mcneil & Co in Cortland NY. McNeil and Co. will continue operating as independent entity
Insurance Group chairman and CEO Nicolas Papadopoulo said that they are excited to complete the transaction, which will allow them to deploy Archs resources to help McNeil expand the presence in the program field.

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