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How Videos Aid For Better Learning For Healthcare Providers

By Sarah Pritzker

With a growing interest in technology sneaking into every area of our lives, it was only a matter of time before tech started showing up in our educational systems too. Today, schools everywhere are using technology to greatly enhance the learning experience and quality of their students and staff, and few fields might benefit from this practice more than the read more

Insurance News March 2019

Insurance agencies organic growth continues, despite the fact that profitability fell

According to latest research by Reagan Consulting agencies surveyed a 6.1 percent growth and their porjected growth in 2019 is by 7 percent. Growth in 2018 was majorly driven by higher US GDP and commercial pricing. There were about 200 midsize and large agencies firms and brokers included in the study. In relation to profit, ernings before interests, taxes and amrtization were read more

P2P Cryptocurrency Lending Surges in China


The emergence of peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency lending platforms in China has swiftly increased over the years. This is happening at a time when the nation is stuck in the middle of the latest liquidity crunch. The digital foreign currency markets are also seeing a long bearish period that has driven people to embrace P2P lending as a solution.

In 2007, PPDAI Group, China’s read more

Insurance News January 2019

AMWins Group Launches New Product

AMWins Group speciality insurance provider has partnered with AXIS Group, launching a new solution against social engineering fraud. Social Engineering Fraud or shorter SEF is a fraud in which a party is deceived to give away CC data or bank account number. Losses covered under the policy of new solution product are when the person gets fraudulent read more

Lawyers Deliver More Debt Than Income

Ongoing law school graduates are in a monetary squeeze as educational cost is rising, however, the chances to acquire 6-figures are contracting.
Most lawyers thought they’d graduate with a normal graduate school debt of approximately $90,000 to $120,000 and have the capacity to procure in any event $100,000. That appears to be a sound budgetary choice. Yet, actually read more

Mortgage News November 2018

Forecast: December is usally the slowest month when it comes to home sales, but unique dynamics indicate that could not be the case this year. Mortgage rates are turning into lukewarm market and this motivates the home buyers. Rates are at the moment one full percent higher than they were at the end of the 2017, howering just around 5 percent, they are projected to go higher in 2019.


This December the unique dynamics of the market indicates that the situation is good as for home sellers, the same as for home buyers. On one hand the mortgage rates are turning and this motivates the buyers. This is because of the fact that the prices run up so fast during housing shortages in the past that higher rates are having the outsized impact on the mortgage industry. Fairfield states that the currenct rise of the home buyers is due to the fact that they are affraid the rates will be much higher in 2019.


The average mortgage rate at 30 years fixed spiked this fall almost to 5% and they are expected to move even higher in 2019. Consider also the much higher appreciation for home sellers which put the prices higher, so a lot of people were pushed to their financial limits and have hit the affordability wall. Thats the reason the sales of the homes were weaker in the past few months, so that also means new opportunity for home buyers as prices are finaly starting to ease.


The market has changed. Prices are usually 18% lower in the winter months, add 5% rate on top of that and sellers will have to show much more flexibility. The sky is no longer the limit in real estate industry. The housing market usually lets up a bit in the fall and especially this year its favorable for those buyers who have struggled in the last year to get into the housing market. They are entering the market now, because the projections on rates are not very much optimistic for home buyers in 2019.


The number of the new listings of homes is the lowest in december, since a lot of families do not want to move during the school year and buying a home as a present is not traditional Christmas gift, recording to views per property are 21 percent lower in december. Lower supply is on the other hand an opportunity for home sellers, since they dont have much competition. Competition is low, but motivation is high.

8 Tips to Boost Your Credit Score

1.Pay your bills on time

To have a good credit score, means also to pay your bills on time. Credit agencies when calculating your credit score conisder this one of the top criteria and it counts 35% to your overall credit score. On the other hand paying your bills on time also means you dont experience other additional costs as reminder posts which could cost you 10 USD each. It can be very positive simply to set reminedrs, which bill you must pay when, because the bill payments that are delinquent, even by only a few days time frame, can have negative impact to your overall credit score. One way to remind about the dates is simply to fill up a calander or download a personal budgeting app, there are plenty of them around.


2.Work on Paying off your debt

Your total cerdit which is available is known as the open credit utilization. One of the major factors the credit bureau considers in your credit score is the total amount you owe, compared to the total credit available. They usually check your credit card statements and its the best if you never go to the credit card limit or even better if you are not anyway near the credit card limit. Creditors and credit agencies pay close attention to borrowers utilization ratio, the higher the ration, the most difficult is for borrower to give back what he owes on the other hand lower utilization ratio is better and indicates the borrower will most probably pay back credit on time and thus higher credit score.Rule is simple the lower the balance on your credit card, the better credit score.


3.Avoid a new cerdit card application or closing older accounts

The more credit cards you posses, the higher is your credit utilization score. If you want better credit score you should avoid using multiple credit cards, since their limits sum up. Its also worth mentioning that closing your credit card with balance can hurt your credit score and closing your credit card account will not improve your credit score.


4.Pay more than the owe each month

If you have outstanding debt is important to pay it off regularly and if you pay more than you owe each month, this can have a positive impact on your credit score. If you have more than one credit card debt balance, the best thing is to try to pay off the debt on one card and pay the minimum necessary of others. This can help you reduce your debt on credit cards one by one until you pay your debts in full.


5. Have a good balanced debt standing

Having mixed debt is in many cases better than have only one type of debt.
There are plenty types of credit as: student debt, mortgage loan, bank credit cards, retail credit cards, vehicle loans. According to FICO the clients (borrowers) who have mixed type of credit are more probably to pay their debt on time, than those who have only one type of credit. The credit balance will account 10% of your overall credit score.


6.Get a copy of your credit report

Since your credit score is based on your credit report, you should go for credit report to imrpive your credit score. You can simply order your credit report from three major credit bureaus You can order them on Go through them to identify which accounts are problematic and try to work towards better score. You should also revise and check if there are errors in the report and dispute them by writing to the bureau agency. According to FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) the median credit score in the States is 695.


7.Reduce debt to income ratio (DTI)

DTI or Debt To Income ratio is a measure of your monthly debt payment to overall income. Its the measure creditors use to check your ability to pay your debts from your monthly income. DTI is the ratio between your overall debt to monthly income. Higher DTI ratio means that you have probably more debt that you can support with your salary and you posses greater risk to credit borrower.


8.Do not apply for new credits if not really necessary

There are soft and hard credit inquiries. Hard credit inquiries are: auto loan, student loan, credit card, mortgage, business loan. Soft credit inquiries, which do need your permission are: history of employment, background check of renting an apartment. Each time you apply for a new credit, creditors will pull out a hard credit inquiry, so its best to not apply for a new one if its not really necessary.

Mortgage News October 2018

MBA – The Mortgage Bankers Association reported that the applications to buy a new home declined by 2.1% in October 2018 in comparison to October 2017. Applications were also down 11% in comparison to September 2018. This study does not include any adjustments for seasonal patterns. Due to the survey results and other assumptions. MBA also estimates that new single family home sales were at 673,000 in October an increase of September sales rates by 4.7, which were totaling 643,000.



70.9% were conventional loan applications, FHA loans were at 17.1 percent, VA loans 11.2 and RHS/USDA applications were at about 0.7%. Average loan size descreased from $333,086 in September to $331,732 in October 2018. While there were some swings on yearly basis for a new home sales in 2018, the ytd sales pace is 7% higher than in 2017. On the other hand the average size of the loan application is on its lowest point since July 2017, this is normally a sign there has been some new inventory in the real estate sector and that the prices are getting stabilized.



With having mortgage rates on the rise and some prices of homes skyrocketing, a new time has emerged in mortgage lending, the time when aged assumption may no longer apply to mortgages. Rising of mortgage rates eliminate the ability of refinancing for many mortgage borrowers. There is also an affordability and inventory factor which are keeping this market from living up to its full potential and as the hosuing market keeps evolving, shifts in demand of mortgages will shape the winners and loosers in the industry.
The implications of these changes in loan demand go far beyond the bottom line for mortgage lenders and will influence as the direction as the size of several key components of the mortgage industry. Companies will seek to invest more heavily in technology to develop more efficient process and less bureaucracy to improve the borrower experience.



Given the size of role providers as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae play in the mortgage industry sector, shifts in loan demand will in no doubt influence and recreate policymakers with the future of the government-sponsored companies.
Changes in the demand for loans (both purchase and refinance) can create a distinct outcomes for technology investment and innovation, industry employment and evolvement as for GSE reform. So in the upcoming years we can expect major changes in the mortgage process as well as the flexibility of loans provided.