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Ever thought about cooking frozen chicken breasts straight from the freezer? It’s not just possible but also very convenient.

This guide will show you a simple way to cook frozen chicken breasts in an instant pot. It’s perfect for quick dinners. With the Instant Pot, you can make tender, flavorful chicken in no time.

Use high-quality ingredients like Farmer Focus chickens. They’re raised well and their diet is healthy. This way, your meal is quick, tasty, and ethical. Your taste buds will be happy.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cooking frozen chicken breasts in the Instant Pot saves time without sacrificing flavor.
  • High-quality chickens, like those from Farmer Focus, enhance the overall taste and nutrition of your meals.
  • Seasoning options are versatile—stick to basics or try out creative spice mixes.
  • No need to worry about thawing; pressure cooking ensures thorough and even cooking.
  • The Instant Pot simplifies dinner time, making it perfect for busy evenings.
  • Recommended cooking times vary by the size, ensuring perfectly cooked chicken every time.

Introduction to Cooking Frozen Chicken Breasts in the Instant Pot

Looking for an easy way to make a healthy meal? Cooking quick frozen chicken breast in the Instant Pot is a great choice. This cooking method uses the Instant Pot to cook the chicken straight from the freezer. No more worry about defrosting.

Why Use the Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot is known for cooking food fast without losing taste or moisture. It’s perfect for families on the go. One big plus is its ability to cook chicken from frozen. This saves time and guarantees a tasty meal every time.

The Convenience of Cooking from Frozen

Cooking from frozen in the Instant Pot is a time-saver for busy days. No need to plan ahead or wait for the chicken to thaw. For smaller chicken breasts, it cooks in about 10 minutes. Larger ones might need 12-13 minutes. The pressure cooking method ensures the chicken comes out perfect.

Time-Saving Tips for Busy Evenings

The Instant Pot does more than just cook – it can also sear and reheat. To make things faster, season the chicken before cooking. Add flavors like garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika. Searing the chicken briefly helps boost its taste. A natural pressure release of 6-8 minutes keeps it soft and juicy.

With these tips, the Instant Pot becomes your best friend for easy meals. Using chicken broth instead of water adds even more flavor. This makes your meal easy and delicious.

  1. Recommended cook time: 10-15 minutes under pressure cooking.
  2. Natural pressure release: 6 minutes for smaller breasts, 8 minutes for larger.
  3. Delicious meals without the need for defrosting.
  4. Optimal searing time: 2 minutes per side.
  5. Cooked chicken storage: Refrigerate up to 3 days with added gravy for moisture.

Cooking quick frozen chicken breast in the Instant Pot turns busy nights into peaceful dinners. Enjoy more time with your family as meal prep becomes easier.

Why Frozen Chicken Breasts are Perfect for the Instant Pot

Frozen chicken breasts work well with the Instant Pot for a few reasons. The pressure cooking science behind it is key. It not only cooks them faster but also seals in their juices. This makes for a flavorful and moist dish. Plus, it shows that you don’t have to thaw meat before cooking to get great results.

The Science Behind Pressure Cooking

Pressure cooking uses high pressure to speed up cooking. It keeps the meat moist, which is great for chicken. The *tasty frozen chicken instant pot recipe* guarantees your chicken will stay tender and juicy.

Maintaining Juiciness and Flavor

To get a perfect *instant pot frozen chicken breast dinner*, timing and method are crucial. Pineapple juice is a secret in many recipes. It makes the chicken more tender and adds flavor. Make sure to follow cooking directions precisely, like letting the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes.

Since 2017, this recipe has been enjoyed by many. With more than 20 tweaks, the *frozen chicken breast instant pot recipe* works like a charm each time. It’s good for any size chicken breast, from 6 ounces up to 10 ounces. The Instant Pot gives you a *tasty frozen chicken instant pot recipe* that fits perfectly.

Necessary Equipment and Ingredients

To make the best instant pot frozen chicken recipe, gather the right gear and ingredients. It’s key for your cooking journey to shine. Here’s a roadmap to get you going.

Choosing the Right Instant Pot

Getting the perfect Instant Pot is crucial for your frozen chicken adventure. They come in various sizes like 3, 5, 6, and 8 quarts. For most home cooking, a 6-quart one will do. It’s a great size for many meals.

Essential Accessories

For your instant pot chicken, you’ll need certain tools for top-notch results. A quick-read thermometer is a must to ensure the chicken is safe to eat. It should reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit inside. A trivet is also handy. It keeps your chicken off the bottom, helping it cook evenly and stay juicy.

Necessary Equipment and Ingredients

Quality Ingredients for Best Results

Your dish’s flavor and health benefits greatly depend on the ingredients you choose. When making the best instant pot frozen chicken recipe, go for quality chicken breasts. Brands like Farmer Focus offer tasty, nutrient-rich options. You’ll also need a cup of liquid, such as chicken broth, for the pot to steam with. Don’t forget your favorite seasonings like Italian spice, garlic powder, and smoked paprika. They add your personal touch and flavor to the meal.

Ingredient Quantity
Frozen Chicken Breasts 3 pounds
Chicken Broth 1 cup
Spice Mix (Italian seasoning, garlic powder, smoked paprika) To taste

How to Prepare Frozen Chicken Breasts for Instant Pot

Start by taking a few key steps to set up your instant pot frozen chicken breast well. These steps will make your meal tasty and cook evenly. Knowing these tips will make your instant pot chicken breast recipe stand out.

Removing Chicken from Packaging

First, take the frozen chicken breasts out of their packaging. Make sure there are no pieces stuck together. This is key for the chicken to cook evenly in your simple frozen chicken instant pot recipe.

Selecting the Best Chicken Breasts

It’s important to pick top-notch chicken breasts. Go for boneless, skinless ones as they cook faster and are lower in fat. Pick chicken breasts that are the same size. This will help them cook evenly in your easy instant pot frozen chicken breast.

Pre-Seasoning Tips

Seasoning your chicken before cooking can really boost its flavor. A basic salt and pepper mix or a fancier marinade can do wonders. Using your favorite spices or marinades can add an amazing taste to your instant pot frozen chicken breast recipe.

Cooking Time (High Pressure) Chicken Weight Description
12 minutes 2 lbs Sliceable
30 minutes 2 lbs Shreddable

By sticking to these prep tips, you’ll know the ins and outs of making instant pot frozen chicken breast. This means you can enjoy a meal that’s not just delicious but also tender and perfectly cooked.

Seasoning and Flavoring Options

A frozen chicken breast instant pot recipe offers lots of flavoring choices. You can customize the taste to suit any preference or style of cooking. This makes meals exciting for everyone at the table.

Basic Seasoning Blends

For a classic flavor, a basic mix works well. Combine salt, pepper, thyme, and paprika for a taste like rotisserie chicken. This blend brings out the chicken’s natural flavors. It makes the dish perfect for different meals.

Creative Spice Mix Ideas

Want something different? Try mixing various spices like Cajun mixes or Italian herbs. Don’t forget garlic powder for deeper flavor. The Instant Pot lets you get creative with seasonings.

Marinating Frozen Chicken Breasts

Marinating makes chicken more tasty. You can even do it right in the Instant Pot. This method flavors the chicken as it cooks. Just put your marinade in the pot with the chicken and start cooking.

Following these tips and tricks will lead to a delicious frozen chicken recipe. It’s easy and ensures your meals are always flavorful.

Step-by-Step Guide: Frozen Chicken Breast Instant Pot Recipe

Ready for a great instant pot frozen chicken recipe? In just a few steps, you can have tender, tasty chicken. This is perfect for both casual cooks and kitchen experts. You’ll be enjoying your meal quickly.

Setting Up Your Instant Pot

First, make sure your Instant Pot is ready to use. Check the inner pot is clean and the ring is in place. Then, plug it in and set it to Manual or Pressure Cook mode on high pressure.

Adding Ingredients

Add 2 pounds of frozen skinless chicken breasts to the pot. Pour in 1 cup of broth or water for moisture and flavor.

Now, you can get creative with seasonings. Try garlic salt, sea salt, pepper, or any blend you like.

Pressure Cooking Instructions

Next, lock the lid and set the valve to Sealing. Then, choose the high-pressure mode and set the timer for 12 minutes. After cooking, let it naturally release pressure for 10 minutes.

Finally, turn the valve to Venting to release any remaining steam. Make sure the chicken’s inside is 165°F or higher before you eat it.

Need shredded chicken? A stand-mixer makes this easy. It’s great for preparing meals ahead of time or for using in dishes all week.

Cooking Times Based on Chicken Breast Size

Knowing the right cooking times for frozen chicken breasts is key to good cooking. You must hit 165°F inside without making it too dry. Let’s look at how long to cook based on the chicken’s size.

Small Chicken Breasts (6-8 ounces)

Smaller breasts, 6 to 8 ounces, need less time. Here’s what you should do:

  • 6-quart Instant Pot: Cook for 10 minutes with 5 minutes of natural release.
  • 8-quart Instant Pot: Cook for 8 minutes, then immediately vent to release pressure.

Medium Chicken Breasts (9-10 ounces)

Chicken breasts between 9 and 10 ounces need tending to. They should not be underdone. Here’s what we recommend:

  • 6-quart Instant Pot: Cook for 12 minutes, then immediately vent to release pressure.
  • 8-quart Instant Pot: Cook for 10 minutes, then immediately vent to release pressure.

Large Chicken Breasts (12 ounces)

With breasts around 12 ounces, you must cook longer but keep them moist. Follow these steps:

  • 6-quart Instant Pot: Cook for 25 minutes, then immediately vent to release pressure.
  • 6-quart Instant Pot (bone-in): Cook for 10 minutes. Let sit for 5 minutes before releasing.

quick frozen chicken breast instant pot

Use these times to make your quick frozen chicken breast in the instant pot. Right timing helps everyone, even new cooks, make delicious chicken in the Instant Pot.

Chicken Breast Size 6-quart Instant Pot Time 8-quart Instant Pot Time
6-8 ounces 10 minutes, 5 minutes natural release 8 minutes, immediate venting
9-10 ounces 12 minutes, immediate venting 10 minutes, immediate venting
12 ounces 25 minutes, immediate venting
12 ounces (bone-in) 10 minutes, 5 minutes natural release

Ensuring Chicken is Fully Cooked

When making an instant pot frozen chicken breast, it’s key to cook it fully. This ensures it’s both tasty and safe. Follow this guide to use an instant-read thermometer, know the right temperature, and fix undercooked chicken.

Using an Instant-Read Thermometer

The best way to know your chicken is ready is with an instant-read thermometer. Put it in the thickest part of the meat. The temperature should hit 165°F to be safe to eat.

Safe Internal Temperature

The internal temperature of the chicken is key. With an instant pot, you get precise control. It ensures the chicken is fully cooked at 165°F, killing any harmful bacteria.

Troubleshooting Undercooked Chicken

If your chicken seems undercooked, just put it back in the pot for more time. Adjust the total cooking time as needed. Smaller pieces need about 10 minutes, while larger ones might need 15. Always check the temperature again after cooking.

Make sure there’s not too much chicken in the pot. Cooking up to four pounds at once helps it cook evenly.

Chicken Type Cooking Time on High (Minutes) Release Method
Boneless skinless breasts 15 Quick or Natural
Boneless skinless thighs 20 Quick or Natural
Bone-in skin-on breasts 25 to 30 Natural
Bone-in skin-on thighs 25 to 30 Natural
Wings 20 Natural
Drumsticks 25 Natural

For more tips and videos on frozen chicken breast, check out this resource. Paying attention to temperature and time makes your chicken come out well every time.

Making a Delicious Pan Sauce

Adding a pan sauce to your *frozen chicken breast instant pot recipe* elevates it. It turns your simple dish into something gourmet. Follow these steps for a perfect pan sauce to top off your meal.

Ingredients for the Sauce

  • 1/2 cup chicken broth (you can use the remaining broth from the Instant Pot)
  • 2 tbsp unsalted butter
  • 2 tbsp all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1 minced garlic clove
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Steps to Create the Sauce

  1. Sauté Minced Garlic: After the chicken, melt butter in the Instant Pot. Add garlic and cook until smell fills the room.
  2. Make the Roux: Add flour while stirring the garlic butter. Keep stirring until the mixture turns golden brown.
  3. Add Broth and Cream: Slowly whisk in the broth, blending until smooth. Next, stir in the cream until your sauce is thick.
  4. Season and Finish: Mix in lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Turn off your pot and leave the sauce to settle.

Serving Suggestions with Pan Sauce

This pan sauce is the perfect match for your *frozen chicken breast instant pot recipe*. Try out these ways to serve it:

  • Drizzle over sliced chicken on veggies.
  • Use as a dip for warm bread rolls.
  • Mix with pasta for a tasty dish.
Recipe Metrics Details
Serves 4
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Calories 346 kcal
Carbohydrates 5 g
Protein 49 g
Fat 13 g
Saturated Fat 2 g
Cholesterol 145 mg
Sodium 908 mg
Potassium 986 mg
Fiber 1 g
Sugar 1 g
Vitamin A 71 IU
Vitamin C 15 mg
Calcium 23 mg
Iron 1 mg

Serving Ideas for Cooked Chicken Breasts

After learning to cook an instant pot frozen chicken breast dinner, you open a door to endless meal possibilities. You can use the tasty and moist chicken in many dishes, satisfying any palate.

Paired with Side Dishes

Your perfectly cooked chicken breast with a tasty side dish can make your meal outstanding. Great sides are rice and carrots, mashed potatoes, or a vegetable mix. These sides go well with the best instant pot frozen chicken recipe, enhancing your dinner experience.

Incorporating into Salads

Use your instant pot frozen chicken breast dinner chicken to boost salad protein. Add it to a Caesar, a black bean and corn salad, or a Greek salad. These choices appeal to many tastes and offer varied nutrients.

Using in Sandwiches and Wraps

The chicken’s juiciness makes it perfect for sandwiches or wraps. Thinly slice and add it to a ciabatta with greens and spread. Or, put it in a wrap with avocado, tomatoes, and ranch. It’s a fast, tasty meal for any time of day.

Check Honey Garlic Instant Pot Chicken Breasts for more meal ideas. With so many chicken recipes online, you can get creative with the best instant pot frozen chicken recipe.

How to Store and Reheat Leftovers

To keep your instant pot frozen chicken breast tasting great and safe, you must store and reheat it right. Here’s how to do it well so your leftovers are as tasty as they were the first time.

Best Practices for Refrigeration

After cooking your chicken breasts in the Instant Pot, let them cool. Then, store them in the fridge once they’re at room temperature. Use an airtight container. Cooked chicken stays good in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

Freezing Cooked Chicken

If you’re saving some chicken or have too much, freezing it is a smart choice. The USDA says it’s safe to freeze cooked chicken. Use heavy-duty freezer bags or airtight containers for the best quality. You can freeze cooked chicken for 4 to 6 months.

Reheating for Optimal Flavor

When reheating frozen chicken, you want it to taste good and be moist. Try these methods to get the best flavor:

  • Microwave: Cover the chicken with a damp paper towel and microwave on high until warmed through.
  • Stovetop: Reheat in a pan over medium heat, adding a little bit of chicken broth if needed.
  • Oven or Toaster Oven: Preheat to 350°F and heat the chicken until it’s warmed through.

Before eating, make sure your reheated chicken reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit inside. This keeps it safe and tasty.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Chicken

Choosing top-grade chicken is key to tasty instant pot frozen chicken breast dishes. They become both flavorful and nutritious. It’s also a way to back family farms and their ethical, eco-friendly methods, improving poultry quality all around.

Supporting Family-Owned Farms

When you buy from family farms, you help the local economy and ethical practices. These farmers care more about quality than just quantity. So, you get a superior product.

Humane and Sustainable Practices

The best chicken comes from humane, sustainable farms. These farms give chickens enough space and the right food. They make sure the chickens are stress-free. This ethical meat not only tastes better but is also better for you.

Using high-quality chicken in your recipes makes your food tastier and better for the planet. It’s a choice for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Other Instant Pot Chicken Recipes to Try

For Instant Pot fans, trying new frozen chicken recipes is both fun and sensible. It adds variety to your food. The recipes here cater to different preferences, offering something for everyone.

Chicken and Rice Soup

Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Soup is warm and filling. Making it is so easy. The Instant Pot keeps the chicken tender. The rice soaks up all the flavors. It’s perfect for cold nights. This frozen chicken breast instant pot recipe is a comforting meal.

Creamy White Chicken Chili

Creamy White Chicken Chili is a twist on the classic favorite. It’s rich and creamy, thanks to cream cheese. The Instant Pot makes it quick yet full of flavor. Everyone can make it just the way they like.

Chicken Enchilada Soup

Chicken Enchilada Soup highlights the Instant Pot’s magic again. It turns simple ingredients into a feast. This soup is full of chicken, beans, and corn. Plus, it has a kick from the enchilada sauce. It’s a hearty meal that spices up your table.

Recipe Name Cooking Time Calories per Serving
Chicken and Rice Soup 35 minutes 468 kcal
Creamy White Chicken Chili 30 minutes 550 kcal
Chicken Enchilada Soup 40 minutes 490 kcal


So, cooking frozen chicken in the Instant Pot is a mix of easy, quick, and tasty. This guide takes you from picking the right Instant Pot to making delicious meals like Instant Pot BBQ Chicken. Just use the correct cooking times to make sure your food is safe and delicious.

When you use the “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” settings, making up to four frozen chicken breasts is fast and simple. In just 10-15 minutes, your meal can be ready on high pressure. It’s important to add liquid, like chicken broth or water with herbs, to keep your meal moist and full of flavor.

The Instant Pot is perfect for hectic nights, cooking food up to 70% faster than usual. It’s great for making the best instant pot frozen chicken recipe and for making several meals ahead of time. It changes how you cook, whether for a fast supper or for trying new flavors.


Why use the Instant Pot for frozen chicken breasts?

The Instant Pot makes cooking frozen chicken breasts fast and easy. You don’t need to plan ahead or wait for them to thaw. This is perfect for busy days. The pressure cooking method means you can do other things while your meal cooks.

How does pressure cooking maintain the juiciness and flavor of chicken?

Pressure cooking seals in moisture and flavor. This keeps the chicken tender and delicious, without the need to thaw first. It shows that you can get great results without the wait.

What equipment and ingredients do I need for this recipe?

You’ll need an Instant Pot, like the Duo Nova, for this recipe. Make sure you have an instant-read thermometer. This is to make sure the chicken is cooked just right. Use quality ingredients, like Farmer Focus chicken, for the best taste.

How do I prepare frozen chicken breasts for the Instant Pot?

Take the chicken out of the package carefully. Make sure they’re not stuck together for even cooking. Use a rub or marinade to add flavor. This should be done before you cook the chicken.

What are some basic seasoning blends for this recipe?

A simple season blend includes salt, pepper, thyme, and paprika. You can also try other spices or marinades. This will give your chicken different flavors.

How long should I cook frozen chicken breasts in the Instant Pot?

Cooking time depends on the chicken breast size:– For small breasts (6-8 ounces), cook for 10 minutes.– Medium breasts (9-10 ounces) need about 12 minutes.– Large breasts (12 ounces) require 15 minutes.

How can I ensure the chicken is fully cooked?

Use a thermometer to check the chicken’s temperature. It should read 165°F or higher. If it’s not ready, cook for a few more minutes.

Can I create a pan sauce with the cooked chicken?

Yes, you can make a delicious sauce. Use the cooking liquids to start. Add chicken broth, garlic, and lemon juice, and thicken by sautéing. This sauce goes great with the chicken.

What are some serving ideas for the cooked chicken breasts?

There are many ways to enjoy cooked chicken. Serve with veggies or mashed potatoes. Or add to salads, sandwiches, or wraps. You can adjust the meal for any diet or occasion.

How should I store and reheat leftover chicken?

Keep leftover chicken in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer. When reheating, use the oven or an air fryer. This avoids drying the meat.

Why is using high-quality chicken important?

Farmer Focus chicken tastes better and is healthier. It’s also raised in a way that is better for the planet and the animals. This means you’re making a choice that’s good for you and the world.

Are there other Instant Pot chicken recipes to try?

Absolutely! There are many tasty recipes to explore. Try Chicken and Rice Soup, Creamy White Chicken Chili, or Chicken Enchilada Soup. The Instant Pot can make a variety of dishes to suit different tastes and needs.